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Panel AP, mesh router, powerline adapter, which is the best wifi coverage solution for the whole house?

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Many families can't achieve WiFi coverage in the whole house with only one router, so they need to adopt other networking solutions. The current networking methods mainly include AC+AP, mesh router, and powerline adapter. So which way is better?


1. PoE panel AP+PoE Ethernet switch

The AP and the Y Ethernet switch are connected by a network cable. As long as the network cable can extend to the area, the AP can be used to achieve WiFi coverage.

This program can provide full house coverage. No matter how many floors and large areas, the small courtyard of the villa can also be covered. The panel AP is beautiful and generous, and it can conveniently provide wired signals to Internet TVs, desktop computers, and other devices that require wired access while providing signals.

2. Mesh Router

Mesh routers are placed independently, so they need an external power supply. They use Mesh connection technology to connect various nodes through WiFi signals, and the nodes are also connected to each other. When one of the nodes fails, the signal can continue to be transmitted and covered through the surrounding nodes.

The mesh routers carry out network transmission through power lines, and the main router supports up to 15 sub-routers to network at the same time. It is recommended that the sub and main routers be used under the same meter.


3. Wireless powerline adapter

This solution is composed of the main powerline adapter and multiple sub-power powerline adapters. The powerline adapters carry out signal transmission through the home power network, turning the wires into "network cables", which can effectively solve the WiFi coverage blind spots, without wiring, plug, and play, The network can be expanded as long as there are sockets.

But all powerline adapters must be in the same power grid of the meter to be used normally. If your home power line adopts a three-phase power supply design, the function of the powerline adapter will be severely restricted at this time and cannot be used.

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