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What are the advantages of WiFi 6 routers? What routers support WiFi6?

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WiFi 6 is the fastest network speed currently achievable, so what are the advantages of WiFi 6 routers? What routers support WiFi6?

Advantages of supporting WiFi 6 router:

【Low power consumption】

The WiFi6 router uses TWT technology to optimize the transmission environment, which greatly reduces the power consumption of the terminal equipment connected to the network and achieves low power consumption.

【Low Latency】

WiFi 6 router adopts OFDMA technology, which can improve signal transmission efficiency through parallel transmission, and the delay is reduced from 30ms of WiFi 5 to 20ms (Huawei can reach 10ms).

【High transmission rate】

In addition to OFDMA technology, WiFi 6 router also uses BBS coloring technology, which can reduce signal interference from other routers nearby and achieve better transmission effects. And in the working frequency band, WiFi 5 only supports the 5GHz frequency band, while WiFi 6 supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands (2.4GHz has good penetration and short distance, while 5GHz has long distance and poor penetration).

【High number of connections】

WiFi 6 router adopts MU-MIMO technology, so that WiFi 6 supports both uplink and downlink (WiFi 5 only supports downlink), and the data connection is upgraded from 4 to 8.

Routers that support WiFi 6:


TOTOLINK X5000R WiFi 6 router:


- MT7621A+MT7915DA+MT7975DN


- 16Mbyte/256Mbyte


- 4*1000Mbps LAN Ports

- 1*1000Mbps WAN Port


-  4 * 5dBi fixed external antennas

Wireless Standards:

- IEEE 802.11ax, IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE 802.11n, 

- IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11a

Data Rate:

- 2.4GHz: Up to 573.5Mbps (2*2 40MHz)

- 5GHz: Up to 1201Mbps (2*2 80MHz)

Tenda AX3 WiFi 6 router:

Standard: IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3ab

Interface: 1 Gigabit WAN port, 3 Gigabit LAN ports

Antenna: 6dBi external omnidirectional antenna *4

Button: Reset*1; WPS*1

Wireless standard:

IEEE 802.11ac wave2/a/n/ax @5GHz

IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ax @2.4GHz

Wireless rate:

5GHz: 1201Mbps

2.4GHz: 574Mbps

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